Order & delivery

How do I place an order?

When you have found an item you want to order, you can add it to your shopping basket by clicking the 'add to basket' button. When you then click on the shopping basket icon at the top right, you will be taken to the checkout process. You can pay by:

  • iDEAL
  • Mastercard*
  • Visa*
  • PayPal
  • No risk or if you want to try on your shoes first, pay later with Klarna.

After paying, your part is done and we will work hard to deliver your shoes as soon as possible.

*When paying with Mastercard or VISA, a SecureCode check is performed for your own security.

Do all prices include VAT?
They do, so the shoes chosen are always within budget.
Do I have to pay shipping costs?
No, we will take care of this for you. A gift from us to you.
How do I redeem my discount code?

Once you know which shoes will be your new purchases, you can enter your discount code in the checkout process. This is possible just before you actually checkout in the bar under 'discount code'. After this, you will immediately see the new total amount of your order.

The item I want to order is sold out. Will it still be in stock?

Ugh, too bad! We will do our utmost to make sure your size comes back in stock. Unfortunately, we cannot always promise this. So what next? Simple. Register for your desired size on the product page and we'll get to work for you. Back in stock? We'll send you a message right away.

How can I cancel my order?

To cancel your order, please contact our customer service team.

Please note that once you have received a shipping confirmation email from us, your order has been transferred to the carrier and it is no longer possible to cancel your order. Therefore, contact us before 15:00 the same day of ordering. Too late? No problem either, we would then ask you to return the product. This is free so no cost to you.

Why has my order been cancelled?

We are sorry to learn that your order has been cancelled. There may be the following reasons for an order being cancelled:

  • We did not receive the payment.
  • Did you pay with Klarna? They may have rejected the payment. In this case, it is best to contact Klarna.
  • Due to a system error, the stock is incorrect. Unfortunately, we don't have the product to deliver to you.

If you have not used Klarna as a payment method, we would like to ask you to contact us, and we will try to find a solution together.

Why did I not receive a confirmation via email?

Have you checked your spam box? If the email is not in there, it could be that there was a typo in the email address or that something went wrong at our end. In this case, please contact us, and we will try to find a solution together.

What delivery options are there?

We work with DHL Parcel. Is the delivery time not convenient? Then easily customise the delivery time and day yourself in the DHL app. You can choose to have the parcel delivered to your neighbours, to a collection point (which is more environmentally friendly) or to be delivered at a later time.

Did you know that DHL is already sending all post climate-neutral from 2022? Thus, together we contribute to climate conservation.

More information: We are going green with GoGreen | DHL Parcel.

What is the delivery time of my order(s)?

When ordered before 15:00, usually delivered the next day. However, this depends on how busy DHL is, unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this other than send your shoes the same day.

Can I have my order delivered to another address?

Yes, during the ordering process you can choose a delivery address other than the billing address. This can be adjusted on a per-order basis. Pretty handy when you're at work.

Please note: Once the order has been finalised, neither you nor we can make any changes to the delivery address. However, you can indicate to DHL, after receiving confirmation of the parcel, that you want the parcel delivered elsewhere using the DHL app.

What happens to my parcel if I am not at home?

If you are not at home, another attempt will be made to deliver the parcel at another time or delivered to a DHL parcel service point. Keep an eye on the track and trace code for this and contact DHL Parcel if you have any questions.

Customer Service | DHL

Phone number: 0031 88 0552 000*

*1 euro per phone call

Why is my order delayed?

How annoying to learn that this is the case. Please note that if there are any track and trace issues, it is best to contact DHL Parcel. After all, they have received the parcel from us and can help you. This can be done by phone, email or chat.

Customer Service | DHL

Phone number: 0031 88 0552 000*

*1 euro per phone call

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