About Dutch Quality Shoes

DQshoes - the Dutch shoe platform

Christina van Spaendonck, daughter of Geert van Spaendonck, owner of VanLier shoes, has embarked on a new path. With her many years of knowledge and experience, the shoe world feels like a second home. The interest in sustainable business and wanting to offer a platform for quality shoe suppliers has led to the fact that, two years after the initial idea, DQshoes is now live! DQshoes is the new shoe platform that connects (small) shoe brands directly with consumers. We try to make slow fashion available. We believe in sustainability, not just as a marketing term or a phase but to make it better together. We therefore encourage our partners to fight overproduction and waste together. We also play a big role in this ourselves, continuously looking at the possibilities of using more sustainable materials that have less impact on nature. We also offer a unique range of quality shoes. Within Europe, our partners only supply Dqshoes, so you don't follow a trend, but set it yourself!

An initiative we are currently working on with our partners is on-demand manufacturing and pre-production discounting. Here, only the shoes that have been requested are produced where you receive a discount for submitting a production request.  This way, we minimise overproduction and you also pay a lower price for your new acquisitions. We at DQshoes also believe it is important to be close to our customers as a community so as not to damage their trust in us. We are happy to help you and you can give us a call, send us an e-mail or even a whatsapp.


Quality first

Wearing good shoes is essential. Besides lasting longer, they ensure that the foot is well supported which can prevent back pain. Since judging quality online is difficult, we help with this. We only work with partners who supply quality shoes. This way, customers are always assured of good shoes.



Anyone can shop with us regardless of age or lifestyle. We welcome not only consumers but also any supplier. Big or small, we offer a platform for quality shoes with brands that are also committed to conservation. We work closely together and therefore achieve maximum results.


Forward thinking

Forward thinking is the basis in everything we undertake. We are a platform for customers but also definitely with nature and conservation in mind. We think ahead to achieve minimisation of waste, emissions and energy.



To keep the community feeling, it is important to be honest. About the positive results but also when we have made a mistake. Lying or concealing is not something we get excited about, nor do we expect this from our partners and customers. We remain honest and thus transparent and reliable, which benefits the creation of a community.

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